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Creative vision, professional integrity.

R Desmond Services specializes in providing cash flow solutions, commercial banking strategies and consultation services to strategic partners, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Our professionals are trusted advisors who present innovative ideas and solutions to address our clients most complex cash flow requirements.

Our services

What we do

financing consulting

For established businesses, we can provide an unbiased free evaluation of your cash flow needs and facilitate tailored financing consulting services to the small or large business with multiple credit needs on a temporary or ongoing basis.

  • we provide free consultations to established business ENTREPRENEURs' in SEARCH of working capital
  • comprehensive 5-year financial statement analysis available with our software MODULES allows you to understand what lenders evaluate
  •  complex problem-solving with existing financing structure 
  • relationship management and reporting requirements
  • financing solutions & Advice
  • multiple lender sources
  • Experienced team -trusted ADVISORY

unsecured SMALL Business funding

We can fund industries that the Banks and Credit Union's say No!

  • LINES TO $100,000
  • tERM LOANS tO $500,000
  • Fixed rate, automated daily or weekly payment via ACH
  • Decisions in minutes, funding in as fast as 1 business day
  • Minimum Requirements
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Equipment Leasing & Funding

For businesses that need a quick and simple solution, our lender's "application only" program is the way to go for those with established businesses and good credit.

  • one-page application
  • Transaction size  $10,000 - $250,000 or more
  • DECISIONS within 24 hours
  • Payment types: Monthly, Quarterly, Season, Cash Flow Based Documentation
  • Equipment Types: Most new or used business equipment, furniture, vehicles, software, etc
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business mortgage line of credit

Business Mortgage Line of Credit from $100,000 to $5,000,000

Business cash advance

Unsecured Merchant Cash advance to $1,000,000 specifically for businesses that have been turned down for a traditional bank loan

  •  Bad credit, time in business, or even a small loan request
  • Your bank Business Cash Advance account is never touched
  • daily or weekly repayment amount, for example, is based on the volume of credit card sales; therefore each payment is different

PRIVATE & Hard Money mortgage funding 

private money, specializing in the financing of non-owner occupied residential investment properties

R Desmond Services provides Real Estate Investors with a fast and cost-effective funding source for their real estate investment needs

  • Non Owner Occupied Only
  • AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA (only LLC Investor), HI, NC, NV, OR, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA
  • Lending to LLC's, Trusts, Individual Borrowers
    Fix & Flip, Buy & Hold, Cash Out & Refinance, Bridge Financing
  • SFR, 2-4 Units, Condos, PUD'S, Townhouses, 5-20 Unit Multi-Family
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Commercial finance 

At R Desmond Services , we understand the problems experienced by business entrepreneurs when seeking growth and working capital in today's economy. We understand business financing problems associated with:

  • commercial accounts receivable factoring
  • asset-based lending
  • purchase order finance
  • acquisitions
  • funding business growth and expansion
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Consumer finance 

At R Desmond Services , our  lender has forged a reputation for unparalleled customer service, developing tailor-made finance solutions for businesses selling deliverables and services to consumers

  • consumer retail installment obligations 
  • primary funding source
  • Secondary & Tertiary Funding Source
  • Lease with Purchase Option 
  • Portfolio/Account Management
  • Custodial Services/Back-Up Servicing 
  • Delinquent Debt Collections 
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Commercial lending | SBA 

At R Desmond Services , our preferred lender acts as a packaging and referral agent for small businesses, and as a technology provider to preferred bank lenders. 

The online application is streamlined 
and efficient, enabling business owners easy access to low rates and long-term loans. 

Meet our team


Margaret Wu is President of R Desmond Services . Ms Wu leverages her 15+ years of CPA experience working in helping entrepreneurs improve process, performance, and profitability, now to work with R Desmond Services in financing services. 

Margaret specializes in helping small business owners save money, time, reduce stress in running business and paying taxes. Ms. Wu holds a Master degree in Accounting from the City University of New York at Lehman Herbert College.

a.j. young

Established and built A.J. Young & Associates consulting firm from the ground up, leveraging leadership expertise in financial operations across diverse industries, including manufacturing, IT, communications, and professional/legal services. Plan and manage a wide variety of client projects, ranging from short-term assignments to long-term executive engagements, working in close collaboration with client leadership teams. Manage as multiple client engagements at any given time. 

james mcintyre,cpa

James is Co-Founder and Partner of Orr-McIntyre and Associates, LLC.  James has over 26 years of experience in the general accounting, forensic accounting, public accounting (auditing), consulting, and tax arenas. James has been instrumental in leading the audits of numerous Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) clients in preparation for initial public offerings, Sarbanes-Oxley implementation, conducting U.S. and international technical accounting research and analysis, performing various levels of tax analysis, and planning and performing financial and operational audits designed to identify and assess risk, internal controls, and determine the relative efficiency and effectiveness of internal operations. In addition, James has assisted clients in forensic cases by conducting complex damage analysis, SEC investigations and business valuations, performing calculations of business interruption losses, conducting accounting research and detecting/investigating fraud.

for our referral partners

Each year, a growing portion of our business clients are referred to us by local professionals such as bank loan officers, accounting professionals, attorneys, and many others. At R Desmond Services, we value these referrals and your trust in us to treat your customers as our own. Once a referral is received, we always respond with the utmost professionalism and courtesy.

We always welcome referrals from professionals such as:

• CPAs, Bookkeepers, and Other Accounting Professionals
• Lending Officers (Credit Unions, Bank & Institutional)
• Attorneys & Legal Professionals
• Business Advisors
• Risk Management and Other Insurance Providers
• Loan Professionals & Commercial Mortgage Brokers
• Investment Advisors
• Business Service Groups
• Incubators & Support Groups

If you would like to discuss a prospective referral business funding needs, simply give us a call or email info@rdesfinancial.com. We will be able to quickly ascertain whether our services can be beneficial before the actual referral. 

Rob powell

Founder Emeritus

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