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Tailor-made finance solutions for businesses selling deliverables and services to consumers

Quality consumer financial solutions

For over 30 years, our lender has forged a reputation for unparalleled customer service, developing tailor-made finance solutions for businesses selling deliverables and services to consumers. Our lender's solutions are built to fit clients’ needs whether they bundle services together or use what appeals to their specific needs.

BUSINESS TO CONSUMER installment receivables

Purchased at origination at a discount and in bulk from clients with an already established finance program. A consumer is an individual who is purchasing a product or service. This means that our finance clients are businesses that sell to consumers and not to other businesses.

If you are not sure if you need a consumer finance arrangement, ask yourself one question. Who is obligated to make the payments?

If it is a person, it is a consumer receivable. If it is a business or any other entity, it is NOT a consumer contract.

Primary Funding Source

Our lender usually acts as a primary funding source for clients that fall into certain niches that traditional lenders will not work with.

As an example, most banks and lenders do not wish to offer finance terms to vacation clubs or other future service products. These industries are avoided by many banks and lenders because a service is being delivered over time to each consumer.

For companies that fit into this category, our lender is usually the primary funding source. This means that we get first review of all the consumer contracts (first shot at the A credit consumers, or consumers with prime credit). You will see in our pricing below that our Primary Funding rates are competitive with all traditional lenders despite the fact that we participate in what may be considered high risk industry.

Secondary & Tertiary Funding Source

Our lender also works with many companies as a secondary and/or tertiary funding source. This means that the client is already using a primary funding source, but possibly experiencing low approval rates.

Clients in this situation watch potential sales vanish and become frustrated. For this reason, our lender will review all of the “rejects” that the primary source doesn’t want. Depending on who the primary funding source is, we can usually approve 30%-40% of the rejects. Although our client has a smaller net profit on the contracts that our lender finances, their increased sales will increase their profit overall.

Lease with Purchase Option

Our lender also purchases lease with the option to purchase contracts. This is a direction some clients have taken in order achieve an optimal payout while maximizing the approval rate with a sub-prime consumer base.

Clients utilizing a lease program will need to be selling a delivered product.

Our lenders lease structure stands out from competitors as a more user friendly Lease Factor, strong client payout, larger than typical financed amount with longer contract term options.

These lease options are not offered or compliant in IN, NY, and NV.

(Online Approval System Instant Score) 

Our lender has developed an instant approval system for clients and perfected the process allowing clients the ability to immediately know which consumer is approved for financing, how much the funding of that contract will be, and the ability to either print the final retail installment contract for signature or the ability to use our e-signature feature – creating a truly paperless transaction.

Our lender's online approval system has been operating for more than 16 years now and each new development creates a better product and a more easily accessible portal, which has helped our clients close sales quickly either in their brick and mortar location or through their website.

With 24/7 access to the system and an answer, which is returned within a couple of seconds, sales has never been easier for our lender's client. In fact, our lender's system is not limited to just finance clients. Our lender has been servicing clients using the system as well just for the benefit of generating the retail installment contract and using the e-signature feature.

Portfolio/Account Management

Not all companies sell their receivables.

Some companies generate contracts (commercial, consumer, and municipal) and carry those receivables in-house. Receivables portfolios can become cumbersome as they grow. Without the expertise on collection processes, payment processing and application, and proper aging and delinquency reporting, portfolios lose value.

Hiring an in- house staff to manage the back end processes of receivables management is expensive and there is less assurance that performance will be maximized while compliance is met.

Custodial Services/
Back-Up Servicing

Our lender's custodial service (or document storage services) is typically reserved for larger businesses, which are looking for reliable and secure storage for their sensitive documents. Storage is usually done electronically, however our lender is able to provide both physical and electronic storage.

Physical storage is protected by fireproff cabinets in a locked area of the building, which is only accessible by our lender's employees who have secrurity clearance. Electronic storage is also protected and authorized users would be provided with secure login and password. 

Delinquent Debt Collections

Our lender began doing business in 1990 as a collection agency and to this day, their operations are based on original advanced collection techniques that are constantly evolving.

Our lender offers collection services with no risk and no upfront cost to our clients. Our lender's collection fee is contingency based ,meaning they only get paid when they collect for their clients!

While some companies wish to sell their bad debt (for pennies on the dollar, no doubt), most will net much more cash if they utilize a qualified agency. Just as in our lender's loan servicing program they offer free skip tracing in addition to credit reporting to all three bureaus. 

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