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Mortgage Funding

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R Desmond Services matches interim and long-term funding solutions for many types of private mortgage loans from $500,000*

Bridge Loan for Acquisition or Refinance
Ground-up Construction
Preferred Equity
Small Business Loans

Private money lenders are right for the following types of projects:

• Acquisition/Development projects that require unique considerations
• Fix-and flippers looking to purchase, renovate, and sell a property within 1 year
• Short-term and long-term investors who need financing quickly
• Buy-and-hold investors looking to purchase and renovate a property before refinancing with a convention mortgage
• Long-term investors who can’t qualify for a conventional bank mortgage
• Long-term investors who need to season the property

We only work with professional private/hard money lending companies including REITs, Family Offices, and Hedge Funds. You won’t find individual lenders/investors on our platform.

* Non owner-occupied only. Our funders originate in all the United States. Contact us today to discuss your project needs.